OVO x BAPE Shark Hoodie Sweatshirt


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OVO x BAPE Shark Hoodie Sweatshirt

OVO x BAPE Shark Hoodie Sweatshirt For Men and Women from BAPE STORE® at Best Price with Amazing 50% Discount. 100% High-Quality Product. OVO x BAPE Shark Hoodie Sweatshirt with Ultra Cotton 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Imported. Red on the front with desert camouflage on the reverse. BAPE hoodie black printed on front panel “OVO x BAPE” Front black with reverse green camouflage.

Use the BAPE STORE® to get your hands on the OVO x BAPE Shark Hoodie Sweatshirt. BAPE STORE® shows you the best clothing and streetwear of New York from across the globe.

OVO x BAPE Hoodie

Price: $475.00

Brand: OVO x BAPE

Category: Hoodie&Sweatshirt

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for OVO x BAPE Shark Hoodie Sweatshirt

  1. silversable

    This Hoodie is much nicer in person than you can imagine very comfortable nice thickness great colores

  2. Wayne Randall

    This hoodie is far too light for temps under 60 degrees. I typically get Carhart hoodies which are much heavier. That said, the price point for this is FAR lower than Carhart, so you can get a Gilden Long Sleeve T-Shirt to wear under your Gilden hoodie and still come out ahead.

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